This claims administration website was updated on September 20, 2022

Dear Claimants,

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Timeline for Distribution to Authorized Claimants

We have concluded the claims submission and election for review process. We have started the process to bring a motion to the Court for authorization to make Distributions from the Compensation Fund to Authorized Claimants. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline when the Court will grant us authorization to make Distributions.

In support of this motion, we are filing a redacted Distribution List with the Court in a manner that protects the privacy of persons on the Distribution List.

No Distribution shall be made by the Administrator until authorized by the Court.

No Distribution shall be made by the Administrator in respect of any amount under $5, and the name(s) of the Authorized Claimant(s) with claims under this amount shall be excluded from the Distribution List in respect of such claims.

The Administrator may make interim Distributions if authorized by the Court.

Each Authorized Claimant whose name appears on the Distribution List shall comply with any condition precedent to Distribution that the Court may impose.

The Administrator shall make Distributions from the Compensation Fund forthwith after receipt of authorization from the Court to make Distributions to the Authorized Claimants whose names are on the Distribution List.

It is important that Class Members and Claimants check the website: and/or log into the online claims administration portal at on a regular basis for updates in regards to the claims administration and their individual Claim.

If there is a conflict between the this website and the Settlement Agreement, the terms of the Settlement Agreement shall prevail.

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