Claims Bar Deadline November 18, 2020 – The Claims Administration is now closed.

Any Class Member who does not submit a Claim Form and required supporting documentation with the Administrator on or before the Claims Bar Deadline, will not be permitted to participate in the Distribution without permission of the Court. The Administrator will not accept or process any Claim Form received after the Claims Bar Deadline unless directed to do so by the Court.

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Please accept our apologies as we are behind schedule due to Covid. Our office is closed and staff are working from home. We are now back on track and we anticipate that we should conclude the claims administration and election for review process (Remedies for Deficiency on Claim Forms and Appeals) by the end of March. We will seek Court approval for Distribution to Authorized Claimants immediately thereafter.


  • As soon as practicable after the completion of the claims submission and election for review process, the Administrator will bring a motion to the Court for authorization to make Distributions from the Compensation Fund. In support of this motion, the Administrator will file the Distribution List with the Court in a manner that protects the privacy of persons on the Distribution List.
  • No Distribution shall be made by the Administrator until authorized by the Court.
  • No Distribution shall be made by the Administrator in respect of any amount under $5, and the name(s) of the Authorized Claimant(s) with claims under this amount shall be excluded from the Distribution List in respect of such claims.
  • The Administrator may make interim Distributions if authorized by the Court.
  • Each Authorized Claimant whose name appears on the Distribution List shall comply with any condition precedent to Distribution that the Court may impose.
  • The Administrator shall make Distributions from the Compensation Fund forthwith after receipt of authorization from the Court to make Distributions to the Authorized Claimants whose names are on the Distribution List.

CLAIM FORM STATUS Maximum Entitlement and Pro Rata Distribution Payment

Once the Administrator determines a Claimant’s Authorized Claimant status, the respective number of his, her or its Eligible Securities and his, her or its Pro Rata Distribution from the Compensation Fund, the Administrator shall advise the Claimant of the Administrator’s decision by posting it on the Claimant’s online claim file.

Once a Claim Form and required supporting documentation are received by the Administrator, the Administrator shall:

  1. determine the number of Eligible Securities;
  2. decide whether the Claimant is eligible to participate in the Distribution;
  3. calculate the Pro Rata Distribution; and
  4. calculate the Maximum Entitlement for each Authorized Claimant.

Please see the Pro Rata Section of the website for important information in regards to the Calculation of the Distribution and Maximum Entitlement.

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