Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Class Action About?

On March 24, 2016, a proposed class action was commenced against The Stars Group Inc. (“TSGI”) and others in the Superior Court of Québec (“Class Action”). The authorized common issue in the Class Action is: Did the Defendants make misrepresentations and omissions of material fact in TSGI’s public filings and statements regarding its business practices?

What Settlement(s) Have Been Achieved?

The settlement of the Class Action (“Agreement”), without any admission of liability on the part of the Defendants, was approved by the Honourable Justice Suzanne Courchesne of the Superior Court of Québec on July 8, 2020. This notice does not mean that the Superior Court of Québec has found liability or a likelihood of recovery on the part of any Class member. In fact, the Defendants have denied and continue to deny each and all of the claims and allegations of wrongdoing made by the Plaintiff in the Class Action. This notice provides a summary of the Agreement.

SUMMARY OF THE SETTLEMENT TERMS An amount of CDN $30 million will be paid (“Settlement Amount”), which shall definitively and permanently resolve, settle and release and discharge all claims asserted, or which could have been asserted, against the Defendants by the Plaintiff on his own behalf and/or on behalf of the Class.

The Settlement Amount for the Class, less the lawyers’ fees and disbursements, administrator’s expenses, and taxes, will be distributed to the Class on a pro rata basis in accordance with the Court-approved plan of allocation. Distributions to Québec Class Members will be subject to the levy for the "Fonds d’aide aux actions collectives". Legal fees have been approved in the amount of 25% of the Settlement Amount, plus disbursements, plus taxes. The Agreement and the Plan of Allocation may be viewed at and

What is the Status of the Settlement Funds?

5.2 Interim Investment of Escrow Account

Class Counsel and then the Administrator after the Agreement becomes final, shall hold the Settlement Amount in the Escrow Account and shall invest the Settlement Amount in a liquid money market account or equivalent security with a rating equivalent to, or better than that of ann interest bearing account in a Canadian Schedule 1 bank and shall not pay out any amount from the Escro Account, except in accordance with the terms of the Agreement including, but not limited to:

  1. Payment of Class Counsel Fees pursuant to section 17.2 of the Agreement; and
  2. Payment to the Fonds d’aide aux actions collectives pursuant to the Second Order.

5.3 Taxes on Interest

  1. Except as provided in section 5.3(2) of the Agreement, all taxes payable on any interest which accrues in relation to the Settlement Amount, shall be solely the Class’ responsibility and shall be paid by Class Counsel or the Administrator, as appropriate, from the Escrow Settlement Amount, or by the Class as the Administrator considers appropriate.
  2. The Defendants and the Contributing Parties shall have no liability for any taxes payable on the interest, unless this Agreement is terminated, in which case the interest earned on the Settlement Amount in the Escrow Account or otherwise shall be paid to the Contributing Parties who, in such case, shall be responsible for the payment of all taxes on such interest not previously paid by Class Counsel.
How Will I Receive My Payment?
  1. The Administrator shall make Distributions from the Compensation Fund forthwith after receipt of authorization from the Court to make Distributions to the Authorized Claimants whose names are on the Distribution List.
    • Distributions will be received by Authorized Claimants by means of cheque received through postal mail.
Who Am I Represented By?

(10) Class Counsel means Faguy & Co. Barristers & Solicitors Inc. and Morganti Legal.

Who Has Access To My Information

Trilogy Class Action Services staff, Faguy & CO, Morganti Legal, as well as the Judge(s) are granted access to your contact information and supporting documentation, as required. Your information is stored with the highest security for two (2) years following the final Distribution made, at which point, all information will be thoroughly disposed of.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions?

Trilogy Class Action Services will be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have. Please complete the contact form found on either the Home page or the Contact page.

Please note: if you’ve already enrolled in the portal, please include your Sequence ID to help us assist you faster. You can find your Sequence ID on the View Claims tab of the claims administration portal, in the first column beside your Claim Form. We do our very best to return all email and phone inquiries within 72 business hours.

When Is The Deadline To File A Claim?

To be eligible for settlement benefits, you must submit your Claim Form by November 18, 2020. Claims submitted after this date may not be eligible for compensation and will need special approval from the Court(s) prior to any distribution being made.

Who Is Eligible To Claim?

All persons and entities, excluding certain persons associated with the Defendants, who acquired securities of THE STARS GROUP INC. between March 31, 2014 to March 22, 2016 (collectively, the “Class” or “Class Members”).

How Do I Apply To Receive A Payment?

Please visit and click on the “Register Here” blue button. Enter in all your contact information and press “Save”. A password will be sent to your inbox. Please check your junk/spam folder, as it occasionally lands there.

If you are using a work email address, it is commonly found that the password email will not arrive due to security settings. Please do not register again. If you do not see your password after 20 minutes, please send a message using the form on the Contact page of this website.

Once logged into the portal, please click on “Claim Form Instructions” found at the top of the claims administration portal.

Please note: you do not need to make a new registration for each member of your immediate household. Spouses/children are welcome to create a “New Claim Form” for their loved ones if they have permission from them to file on behalf. All qualified Claim Forms eligible for a Distribution payment will be made to the Claimant Name entered when the Claim Form is created.

Do I Need Any Supporting Documentation?

In order to complete the Claim Form, you will need to upload supporting documentation showing the dates you purchased/acquired your securities within the Class Period (between March 31, 2014 and March 22, 2016) as well as the dates you sold/disposed of your securities. If you did not dispose of your securities, and you still hold them, please upload supporting documentation showing you still hold your shares.

Supporting documentation can be any of the following:

  • Trade Receipts
  • Investment Statements
  • Trade summary produced by the Financial Institution
  • Screen captures of your online financial portfolio*
    • These images must be clear and show information indicating they belong to the Claimant (Name, account number, etc…)
    • These images must also clearly state the date it was taken if being used for confirmation of holding.
What If I Need Assistance Filing A Claim?

If you find that you need assistance with completing the Claim Form, please contact Trilogy Class Action Services, and we will be happy to help you with your Claim Form.

How Do I Know If My Claim Was Filed?

When a Claimant first registers in the claims administration portal under the “Individual Investor” option, your first Claim Form is automatically populated for you. The system marks all Claim Form statuses initially as “Pending”.

Once a Claimant completes the Calculations and uploads supporting documentation and presses “Save” on the Claim Form, the Claimant’s status will change to “Claim Filed” within 24-48 hours.

What Happens After I File A Claim?

Each Claim Form will stay in the “Claim Filed” status until one of Trilogy Class Action Services’s Claims Administrators is able to complete the Adjudication of the Claim Form.

During the Adjudication process, the Claims Administrator will verify the following:

  • Calculations were completed in the correct section of the Claim Form;
  • Calculations were completed using accurate numbers (ie, per share figures and not total net amount paid);
  • Verify all supporting documentation has been received (please see question Do I Need Any Supporting Documentation for further explanation regarding supporting documentation);
  • Confirm that only securities that were acquired within the Class Period and held until after March 22, 2016 were included in the calculations
  • Correct any minor calculation errors/inclusion of unqualified securities.
    • Please note: if LIFO is not followed and there are many securities that were disposed of prior to March 22, 2016 included in the calculations, the Claim Form will be deemed Deficient, and will require the Claimant to recalculate paying special attention to LIFO.
  • Once Adjudication has been completed, the Claim Form status will be updated to one of the following:
    • Approved – Claim Form is deemed to be complete and nothing further is required
    • Amended – Claim Form calculation section had a minor correction completed by the Claims Administrator (calculation error, section placement error, did not use LIFO, inputted the entire net amount paid instead of calculating the per share price paid/received). This is also deemed to be complete and nothing further is required;
    • Deficient – Claim Form is missing one of the following requirements:
      • No calculations were completed in the Claim Form
      • LIFO was not used in the calculations and was confirmed on more than two (2) supporting documentation transactions (this makes the adjustment required to be more than “minor” and thus, the Claimant is required to complete the correction)
      • Missing supporting documentation showing the date the security was purchased/acquired within the Class Period
      • Missing supporting documentation showing the date the security was sold/disposed of
      • If the security was not disposed of, missing supporting documentation showing the security is still held at the time of Claim Form submission
      • Supporting documentation can be in the form of monthly statement, trade confirmation/receipt or screen images that also display information confirming the image was taking from the Claimant’s financial institution.
      • Claimant will receive an email explaining what exactly is missing or needing to be rectified and will be given thirty (30) days to correct the deficiency.
    • Rejected – Claim Form was deemed to be unqualified for one of the following reasons:
      • Securities were sold within the Class Period
      • Securities were purchased/acquired outside the Class Period
      • Deficiency was not rectified within the thirty (30) days allotted
      • Claim Form and supporting documentation confirmed a Capital Gain was made on the securities included in the Claim Form
    • Withdrawn – Claim Form was deemed to be withdrawn for the following reasons:
      • Claim Form was made in error by either Trilogy Class Action Services while assisting the Claimant or by the Claimant when initially entering the Claim Form
      • While assisting the Claimant with the completion of the Claim Form, Claimant recognizes that the securities are not qualified, and thus requests to be withdrawn from the Class Action
    • Unqualified – Claim Forms deemed to be unqualified may first be listed with this status, as Trilogy Class Action Services Project Manager reviews the supporting documents to verify consistent findings, prior to a Rejection Determination notice being sent via email. Trilogy is dedicated to providing accuracy and deem this to be a vital step to ensure a Rejection status has been confirmed by both a Claims Administrator team member and the Project Manager